What is a Swingmax?

The Swingmax is an alternative way to train the hips and core with less space and greater results. The Swingmax strengthens the hips which is the rubber-band that generates a fast powerful core, which in return; generates output. 

Exceeding the benefits of a Medicine ball, Sledgehammer and Axe, the Swingmax is the most versatile training device made strictly for all Swing sports.

The Professional's Choice

"The Swingmax could be a great alternative to strengthen your core and keep a strong spine"

Spine Surgeon Dr. Jarren Section
Challenge yourself

All you need to do is complete 30 full swings of your choice from our workout list OR you can pick that same exercise and see how many full swings you can achieve in under 30 seconds. 

We look forward to you joining the Swingmax Team and calling few a friends to help us spread awareness about physical fitness one swing at a time!

become a Swingmax athlete

We're on the lookout for influential athletes to bring our brand to the masses. If you're over the age of 18, please apply through our contact page below.