Swingmax XL
Swingmax XL
Swingmax XL
Swingmax XL

Swingmax XL

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The Swingmax Power XL design is made exclusively for core and hip training.  Every athlete knows the hips are their most important attributes for every player.  The hips determine Direction, Power and Speed.  Many Strength coaches creatively used alternatives such as (Sledgehammers, Medicine Balls).  While these are great, they require an object to be hit i.e., a Tractor tire or a wall to slam into.  

With the Swingmax that hassle is removed.  Players and enthusiast can now swing safely in the comfort of their own gym or home.


  • The Swingmax Power XL is designed to train the Core and Hips all in one. 
  • The grips make it easy to control with each swing.
  • Great for larger and stronger individuals.
  • Typically used by Elite Shot Put, Hammer, Javelin and Discus Throwers
  • Each swing of the weight is providing added strength for your core.

Product Details

  • Comfortable Grips 
  • High Grade Steel
  • Durable Bumpers
  • Gloss Powdercoat 
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We're on the lookout for influential athletes to bring our brand to the masses. If you're over the age of 18, please apply through our contact page below.