Swingmax Speed
Swingmax Speed
Swingmax Speed
Swingmax Speed

Swingmax Speed

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The Swingmax Speed design is made exclusively for wrist and arm speed.  The snap of the wrist is a key component for many athletes.  The "Snap" is pivotable in making long throws infield, hits over the fence and line drive shots in your opponent's goals.  There are various tools that are used but none that have the characteristics and feel of the exact sport that is played.


  • The Swingmax Speed is designed to train the Wrist and arm all in one. 
  • The grips make it easy to control with each swing.
  • Generates speed within the arms and wrist while mimicking snap motion.
  • Lacrosse and Base/Soft-Ball players can increase their velocity each swing.
  • Each swing of the weight is providing added strength for your sport.

Product Details

  • Comfortable Grips 
  • High Grade Steel
  • Durable Bumpers
  • Gloss Powdercoat 
Become a Swingmax Athlete

We're on the lookout for influential athletes to bring our brand to the masses. If you're over the age of 18, please apply through our contact page below.